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DateTimeProject Location
27 Aug 20238-11AMZiggurat Project: YogaWalks // Silence *Meeting point: Zikkurat 
29 Aug 20235.30-8.30PM Ziggurat Project: YogaWalks // Silence *Meeting point: Zikkurat 
2-9PM Éva Bubla: Designated Breathing Zone
2.30-3.30PM FEMINI: Smorgasbord *
3.30-5PM Ágnes Grélinger: With open doors… *
5-6.30PM Discussion on the use of public space 
2-3  Sept 20232-9PM Meetlab: Azimut
2-10  Sept 2023 continuous  Kata Balogh: Choreographing Attention
3-8  Sept 20233-7PMÉva Bubla: Designated Breathing ZoneNyugati tér
5  Sept 20236PMZiggurat Project: re-Waste / Pop-up exhibitionGodot Galery
6  Sept 2023 6PMDiscussion on Éva Bubla’s installation info coming soon
7  Sept 20234-7PMDávid Somló: Delicate Balancing of a Twig *Örs vezér tere
8  Sept 20234-7PMDávid Somló: Delicate Balancing of a Twig *Blaha Lujza tér
9  Sept 20234-7PMDávid Somló: Delicate Balancing of a Twig *Széll Kálmán tér
9  Sept 20234.30-7AMBrida Horváth: Dawn // Entre chien et loup *Meeting point: Széll Kálmán tér
9-10  Sept 20234-8PMMeetlab: AzimutRAKPART
11-16  Sept 2023 info soon SVUNG Research Group: Journeying exhibitionSzendvicsbár Community Hub
15  Sept 20235-7PMSuperfusion: On scheduleSzéll Kálmán tér
22  Sept 20234-8PMPatrik Kelemen: Cardiologyinfo coming soon
23  Sept 20234-8PMPatrik Kelemen: Cardiologyinfo coming soon
24  Sept 20234-8PMPatrik Kelemen: Cardiologyinfo coming soon

Most of the programs of PLACCC 2023 are English-friendly.

The discussions (Discussion on the use of public space on the 2 September and Discussion on Éva Bubla’s installation on the 6 September) are in Hungarian.

If you visit the projects marked with an asterisk (*) please let the artists know before starting that you don’t speak Hungarian.