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Ziggurat Project: YogaWalks // Silence

City walk. Outdoor yoga. Participatory performance.


English-friendly program.

Just as PLACCC transforms and seeks new paths – Ziggurat Project also enters a new phase of their artistic activities. Their brand new project, YogaWalks, is a mix of a mindful urban walk and a yoga class, all as a community experience, ending with a picnic and discussion. 

YogaWalks // Silence is a community experience and participatory performance, reflecting on the built environment without words. During the silent walk, we stop, observe and through the city-inspired yoga poses, we collectively discover the little details that we can easily overlook in our daily rush. Moving lightly, we explore our relationship with ourselves, each other and our environment. We see the city from a new perspective, finding ourselves in places you might never have thought to move before.

YogaWalks is a reimagined outdoor continuation of Ziggurat Project’s AHAM project. The performance was inspired by current trends in self-awareness: the biometric technology that is ever-present around us as one path, and the influx of spiritual and yogic movements from other cultures as another. The dual challenge of the production was to confront the competitiveness of self-awareness and technological developments.
In YogaWalks, this dichotomy is embodied in the urban chase and the inner calm based on Eastern philosophies. The piece draws attention to the longing for a clearer, slower path, while we are completely engulfed by the accelerated world around us.

The walk starts in front of Müpa from the Zikkurat – from which the company takes its name. From there we walk together to the new Dürer Kert, stopping along the way: we flow between poses, breathe with the awakening or silent city, connect with each other and ourselves, while searching for that certain silence amidst the noise of the outside world.

Everyone can join in at their own pace. No prior yoga experience is required. The yoga walk will last about 2 hours and will be followed by a discussion and a picnic.

The creative team and our guides, with contemporary dancer and yoga instructor background, are:
Emese Kovács
Eszter Sarlós Flóra
Tímea Szőke
Concept and project management: Eszter Sarlós Flóra and Tímea Szőke

27 August 2023, 8AM-11AM
29 August 2023 5.30PM-8.30PM
Meeting place: Zikkurat (1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell u. 1.)

Arrive in comfortable shoes and clothes, bring a bottle of water to keep with you and a light bag.

Ticketed program.
Maximum number of participants is 20. 

Ticket prices:
Full price: 3500 HUF
Supporter ticket: 5000 Ft


The event will be video and audio recorded. By participating in the event, the participant gives his/her consent to the recording and its release.