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Meetlab x Bálint Szabó: AZIMUT

English-friendly program.

From Rakpart (the Quay), we enter a virtual world where a fictional world generated by algorithms opens up to the music of Bálint Szabó (Gosheven, Decolonize Your Mind Society), a musician known for his unique tunings.

For years, Meetlab has been consistently exploring the possibility of art and technology coming together to create work, and the role of narrative within it. In their projects, fiction and scientifically verifiable facts become inextricably entangled, and the audience can experience the productions born from this hybrid approach in an urban environment. 

When we find ourselves on a new planet, the first thing we might do is to determine how long a day is there, how long a year is there, and whether there are seasons. But how do we decide how many days there are in a week and how long the months are? The artists are creating a virtual space using a game engine in which algorithm-generated geological processes and simulated atmospheric phenomena shape the fictional world before the eyes of the viewer. 

Music by Bálint Szabó
VR: Ambrus Ivanyos
Concept by Ambrus Ivanyos, Bálint Szabó, Bálint Tóth

Performance form: one-person site-specific VR installation and video installation
Length: approx. 15 minutes

The video installation can be visited three more times after the PLACCC at RAKPART event in the small viaduct next to the Valyo Viaduct.
Further dates: 3, 9, 10 September 2023, 4PM-8PM