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re-Leftovers: Farewell to Ziggurat Project // exhibition

A pop-up exhibition to show what Ziggurat Project and its letting go means to the members of the collective. 

“Recently, we decided to end our activities as Ziggurat Project collective and to move on to new waters. However, we would like to say a proper farewell to the past 8-10 years in a community and in person.”

During one of our very first projects called Leftovers, we explored the key questions of how can we let go of home? Does our identity allow us to choose a new homeland? Do those who leave do so out of a sense of adventure or compulsion? 

Most of us have changed our life situation, we are busy with other things, we live in another country or city, yet the theme of this exhibition is also about letting go. But now we are letting go of the company.

By reimagining the props and installations left over from past projects and through personal reflections, we show what this collective and its letting go means to us. 

Exhibition curated by Gergő Lukács
Opening by Fanni Nánay – PLACCC

Opening: 5 September 2023, 6PM
Location: GODOT Institute of Contemporary Art. 1037 Budapest, Fényes Adolf u. 21.

Free programme.
The event will be audio and video recorded. By participating in the event, the participant gives his/her consent to the recording and its release.