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Brida Horváth: Dawn // Entre chien et loup

The participatory walk and dance performance offers a very special experience, as participants will also admire the sunrise in nature.


English-friendly program.

Entre chien et loup: a French expression from the 13th century. Meaning: that moment in the morning (or evening) when, because of the temporary light conditions, we cannot tell whether we see a dog or a wolf in the distance. 

The title of this participatory walk and dance performance is a poetic expression of the time of dawn, the time of day when, for a brief moment, due to the special lighting conditions, we cannot see clearly and the boundaries of things become blurred. Dawn is a moment of transition, when the old no longer exists and the new is in the process of being born. 

Drawing on the artistic practice of contemporary dance and butoh, the event aims to explore the personal and wider aspects of transition, exploring this liminal space from multiple perspectives: through natural and physical phenomena, reflecting on changes in different life situations or life journeys, or in social and ecological terms.

Transformation shapes the lives of all living things – including us humans. Traditionally, these moments of life have been marked by rituals linked to nature. Today, however, these rituals have all but disappeared from the daily life of Western civilisation. Instead, we are left with practical routines that lack an aspect of holiness – holiness in the sacral sense, not the religious sense, where something becomes sacred because it is part of nature, part of life, part of the great mystery. Our art event is an attempt to bring ritual to life in our everyday lives.

The event starts with a group approach to the exact location of the performance. During the silent walk, with simple instructions, participants can get in touch with their own bodies, work on sharpening their senses and attention, and open up to a different perception of time and space. In addition to the theme and location of the event, the dance performance will be inspired by personal objects brought by the participants that are important to them and related to transition and transformation. The performer uses the physical transformation of the body to evoke different moods, allowing the viewer to fill in what they see with their own personal imagination and experiences.

The event will end with a common breakfast on site.

Concept, dance by Brida Horváth

Date: 9 September 2023, 4.30AM-7AM
Rain date: 10 September 2023, 4.30AM-7AM
Meeting place: Széll Kálmán tér

We will drive the participant to the location by minibus from Széll Kálmán tér. The exact meeting point will be sent to registered participants by email.

Comfortable shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather are recommended. 

Participation in the event is subject to registration via Eventbrite AND ticket purchase. 

Ticket prices:
Full price: 3000 HUF
Discounted: 2000 Ft
Supporter ticket: 5000 Ft 


The event will be audio and video recorded. By participating in the event, the participant gives his/her consent to the recording and its release.

The event is the final demonstation of Brida Horváth’s week-long intensive research and preparation for the upcoming site-specific dance performance Entre chien et loup.

The research is supported by the European Union’s “Culture Moves Europe” grant. The creation of the performance Entre chien et loup, which will follow the research, is supported by the Conseil Départemental de La Charente (Aide à la création 2022) and the Ministry of Culture and Innovation.