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On 2 September, together with Valyo, we will organise the all-day PLACCC on RAKPART with site-specific art projects and thematic discussions.

On 2 September, we will organise together with Valyo our all-day PLACCC at RAKPART program on the lower quay of Danube closed to traffic, with previously presented projects at a new location which will give a new context to them (such as the video installation Azimut by Meetlab and Bálint Szabó and Ágnes Grélinger’s With open doors to spaces without walls), and works that will be shown for the first time, such as the participatory performance Smorgasbord by the Femini duo and the public space action Choreographing attention by Kata Balogh, a dancer-choreographer living in Spain. Éva Bubla’s installation Designated Breathing Zone will also be presented at RAKPART, and the day will close with an unusual discussion on the use of public space.

2PM-9PM                   Éva Bubla: Designated Breathing Zone
2.30PM-3.30PM         FEMINI: Smorgasbord
3.30PM-5PM              Ágnes Grélinger: With open doors to spaces without walls
5PM-6.30PM              Discussion on the use of public space
4PM-8PM                   Meetlab: Azimut
continuous                  Kata Balogh: Choreographing Attention

The programmes are free of charge.
The event will be audio and video recorded. By participating in the event, the participant gives his/her consent to the recording and its release.

Between 17 June and 23 October 2023, the Lower Quay of the Danube on the Pest side between the Chain Bridge and Elisabeth Bridge, is closed to cars on weekends, so Valyo has created a temporary public space, a recreation park, to bring people closer to the urban spaces and the river. 
The RAKPART~2023 is part of the Budapest 150 series of projects, a collaboration between the Municipality of Budapest, Valyo – City and River Association and Budapest Brand.