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Discussion about the use of public spaces

As city dwellers, artists, NGOs, public space users, we live, work and create in the same over-politicised and hierarchised public space every day. They are contradictory spaces, full of questions, conflicts and proposals for solutions. We have both common and individual – mostly unanswered – questions.
We aim to create an inclusive, discursive and public space where these questions can be articulated, without the absolute need for answers or solutions.

The conversation will not be guided by a moderator’s questions, but will attempt to create an unconventional format, with the thread and theme of the conversation being provided by questions sent in advance by invited participants of the discussion and the wider audience, and drawn at random on the day of the event.
Questions on public space use can be sent via a messenger message on the Valyo – City and River FB page OR can be shared offline from 30 August until the day of the event on the message board set up on the RAKPART.

Participants of the discussion:
Miklós Tömör (Valyo)
Tamás Szegedi (Independent Theatre)
Napsugár Trömböczky (SVUNG, Femini)
Fanni Nánay (PLACCC)
Facilitator: Kata Balogh (Valyo)

The discussion is in Hungarian.