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FEMINI: Smorgasbord

Partly a self-awareness game, partly a space and object choreography. Smorgasbord (meaning buffet, wide range of offers) is a participatory performance based on simple rules, mainly for 18-28-year old young adults. The performance is entirely composed of the actions of the participants, there are no spectators, just participant, the objects and the music.

The performance is based on the challenges of emerging adulthood. At this stage of life, many of us have to cope with different societal expectations, constant choices and a myriad of options for our lives. It is a relatively new phenomenon, a set of societal responses to modern life. This age group is also in a special situation because of the parallel crises of adolescence and adulthood.

FEMINI (Eszter Dobos and Napsugár Trömböczki)

Free programme, but registration is required.
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