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Dávid Somló: Delicate Balancing of a Twig

Delicate Balancing of a Twig is a movement meditation practice, where one is developing a highly sensitive and harmonious connection with a twig. 

English-friendly program.

As one is balancing their special twig they can realise a growing delicacy in their movement, a very open and deep attention and presence, a sense of care to a light object, playfullness and self-reflection.

Practiced at public spaces it is both a durational performance and a fluid, open ended workshop. During the three days of the project, Dávid Somló will practice and show the technique for both passersby and audiences at three busy large squares of Budapest, 3 hours a day. As people join him in the practice, it offers the public space a collective choreography and a gentle spectacle. 

“The twig is always present.
The twig pays attention to you.
The twig is sincere.
The twig is very sensitive.
The twig is inexpensive, but very valuable.”

Creator: Dávid Somló

Dates and locations:
7 September 2023, 4PM-7PM, Örs vezér tere
8 September 2023, 4PM-7PM, Blaha Lujza Square
9 September 2023, 4PM-7PM, Széll Kálmán Square

Free programme.
The event will be audio and video recorded. By participating in the event, the participant gives his/her consent to the recording and its release.