Moholy-Nagy Művészeti Egyetem: Tolnai Sound Garden

The sound garden is a a kind of a „silence sanctuary”, free of dominant anthropophonic noises, which is suitable for presenting artistic aspects of sonic ecology, such as sound works and installations. Tolnai Garden is a hidden pocket park in the VIII. district, which...

SVUNG group: There is no end

A vigil performance Cemeteries are symbolic spaces of finitude and acceptance, while the rituals associated with them are practices of reflection on our own transience. One can compare garbage collectors and sewers with them as these are containers of our household...

NEWS MEDLEY live: Women’s Choir of Kartal & SIrens of Varsány

city walk / performance in public space - a collaboration between Alicja Rogalska (PL), Katalin Erdődi, Réka Annus, the Women's Choir of Kartal and the SIrens of Varsány Choir In cooperation with OFF-Biennale Budapest. If the media does not report on the reality of...

Fuzzy Earth: Not Quite California Wonder

Not Quite California Wonder is a continuation of the ongoing research of the Fuzzy Earth collective, focusing on Capsicum annuum (bell pepper) and greenhouse environments. The new installation manifests a vision of an alternative market experience, where the visitors...

Body censorship – round table discussion

Related to three performances of Placcc 2021 Festival (The Resilience of the Body: Will you marry me?; News Medley) we organise a round table discussion with the participation of the invited artists and Hungarian performing artists. Moderator: ERDŐDI...

News Medley

Alicja ROGALSKA (PL), ERDŐDI Katalin, ANNUS Réka, the Women’s Choir of Kartal and the Varsányi Szirének choir As the public media doesn’t cover the realm of the countryside, others must do that. News Medley, drawing inspiration from the rich tradition of folk...

Sara Leghissa (IT): Will you marry me?

This site-specific and temporary public lecture invites us to relate with the boundaries between what is legal and what is illegal.  Italian Sara Leghissa connects people and communities, researches transgressions and limits and uses her surroundings and her big...

Shaymaa Shoukry (EG): The Resilience of the Body

„Testing the ability to recover from or adjust to…Post our spring, post hoping for change: How can we keep going? The Resilience of the Body is a solo about how to find continuity and perseverance in the world we live in today.?” The Resilience of the...