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Sensing the City – a series of artistic interventions in public space and symposium

The program Sensing the City consists of two parts: on one hand four artistic micro-interventions in public space reflecting on the connection between art and environment / environmental awareness / environmental sustainability, on the other hand, of thematic discussions where instead of a conference hall experts and artists will be able to meet in the city itself, with participants also being able to view various relevant public space artworks. This way the appreciation of chosen artworks and the related professional talks will strengthen each other, becoming an organic whole.

We have chosen four projects through open call:
Fuzzy Earth: Not quite California wonder,
KORTMANN Katalin – KATONA Bálint – KAPRINYÁK András: Firework,
SVUNG: There is no end, 
MOME: Tolnai sound park.

The Sensing the City program is curated by BUBLA Éva