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SVUNG group: There is no end

A vigil performance

Cemeteries are symbolic spaces of finitude and acceptance, while the rituals associated with them are practices of reflection on our own transience. One can compare garbage collectors and sewers with them as these are containers of our household waste, which is no longer needed. Therein lies everything that is surplus, that is a burden, that needs to be got rid of.

At the same time, the tombstones, the engravings, the decay processes beneath our feet also carry with them the promise of eternal coexistence, complemented by the mystique of after-death. However, the question is, when has an object material died: after its disposal or its destruction? Well, the imaginary work associated with our waste is its elegant disappearance – in contrast to photographs of the massively polluted ocean shores that are spreading over the Internet and are well known.

With the participatory games of this performative vigilance, our goal is to emphasize the formerly mentioned thoughts and doubts, as well as to find our place in the fabric of the world, and to accept our own material existence and our material siblings. We are putting an end to the idea of end – the abandoned cemetery and the half-awake state caused by the vigil will be at our service in this.

A thematic discussion will close the event with the participation of the creators and Zselyke Molnos, biologist, psychologist, the co-funder and leader of Ecopsychology Institute.
Moderator: Marietta Mogyorósy, landscape architect and nature facilitator 

Dates: 7 PM, 4 September 2021 – 7 AM, 5 September 2021
Location: the abandoned cemetery in Pesthidegkút-Ófalu
Meeting Point: 1028 Budapest, Temető u. 73.
Date of the Discussion: 8 AM, 5 September 2021.
Location of the Talk: at the shore of the Fishing Lake in Hidegkút