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Fuzzy Earth: Not Quite California Wonder

Not Quite California Wonder is a continuation of the ongoing research of the Fuzzy Earth collective, focusing on Capsicum annuum (bell pepper) and greenhouse environments. The new installation manifests a vision of an alternative market experience, where the visitors are not customers but guests, and the vegetables are not goods but companions. 

In the era of industrial agriculture, the role of market halls is being challenged. Most vegetables are produced in distant lands, physically and ideologically disconnected from the consumer society. While all year-long operating automated greenhouses are taking over the shelves of all supermarkets, the stalls of traditional market halls are slumbering. Markets need to reinvent themselves. They can’t and they shouldn’t try to catch up with the capitalistic principles of mass consumerism, instead, they should offer an alternative and take a leading role in strengthening the connection between agriculture and consumers.

We believe in the transforming power of future market halls. We foresee a democratically shared space between humans and agro-botanical species. We foresee an agora. For five days a conventional market stall will become a living experiment hosted by the California Wonder bell pepper.  A speculative scenario will unfold for the visitors of the Rakoczi Market Hall, through the medium of film, storytelling, and artifacts. Bell pepper will share memories about its altering role as a plant, food, industry, symbol of political power, and ecological catalyst. 

Fuzzy Earth is a creative practice run by Tekla Gedeon and Sebastian Gscahnes. They create spaces, objects and events that explore our relationship with nature and technology. 

We will also hold a discussion with the artists and Orsolya Lazányi, ecological economist, the co-funder of Cargonomia about various modes of production in agriculture, with a special focus on greenhouse agriculture and permaculture.
Moderator: Viktória Lay, radio editor and reporter

9 AM – 5 PM, 1st – 3rd September 2021
9 AM – 1 PM, 4th September 2021

1 PM, 4th September 2021

Location of the project and the discussion:
Market Hall at Rákóczi square, 1084, Budapest, Rákóczi tér 7-9.

The program is free of charge.