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Moholy-Nagy Művészeti Egyetem: Tolnai Sound Garden

The sound garden is a a kind of a „silence sanctuary”, free of dominant anthropophonic noises, which is suitable for presenting artistic aspects of sonic ecology, such as sound works and installations.

Tolnai Garden is a hidden pocket park in the VIII. district, which has been open to anyone since 2020. The Tolnai Garden is an experimental field that has been renewed through small interventions over the past year. 

The creators broaden the acoustic horizon with sound walks, sound microscopes, sound sculptures and the listening training practices of R. Murray Schafer, a Canadian composer, educator and environmentalist.

The the discussion that complements the program tackles the role of long-term collective art experimentation and creation in local community building. Participants: the creators of the project and Flóra Madácsi, the project manager of Rév8.
Moderator: Ildikó Fazekas, design and art manager

Dates: 3-8 PM, 5 September 2021
Date of the Discussion: 6 PM, 5 September 2021
Location: 1084 Budapest, Tolnai Lajos u. 23.