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Shaymaa Shoukry (EG): The Resilience of the Body

„Testing the ability to recover from or adjust to…
Post our spring, post hoping for change: How can we keep going? 
The Resilience of the Body is a solo about how to find continuity and perseverance in the world we live in today.?”

The Resilience of the Body responds to the contemporary Egypt as a departure point opening to a response to the world we live in today. Artists Shaymaa Shoukry and Mahmoud el Hadad explore the capacity of the human body to adapt to its current environment. The two solos, linked in a special format, incarnate personal combats, social pressures, violence, censorship and diverse political limitations, to search for an internal resilience and explore ways of solidarity and openness to lighter a frequency of being.

Shaymaa Shoukry thrives through a passion for choreographing, performing, and creating video art. A multidisciplinary artist coming form a visual arts background, interested in integrating diverse disciplines in her creations. She is motivated and inspired by working collectively, while developing personal work in an organic build up process, where each project paves the way to the next. Currently interested in choreographic research on the origin of movement, repetition and transformation.

Choreography & Performance: Shaymaa SHOUKRY 
Performance: Mahmoud EL HADAD
Sound: Open source 
Light design: Saber EL SAYED 
Music: Mohamed SHAFIK 

Produced by: Dayer For artistic productions 
Co-Production: Arab Arts Focus 
Creation residency provided by Cairo Contemporary Dance Center 

8PM, 29th and 30th August 2021

Public basketball field, 1067 Budapest, Hunyadi tér

Length: 50 min

Free of charge.