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Sara Leghissa (IT): Will you marry me?

This site-specific and temporary public lecture invites us to relate with the boundaries between what is legal and what is illegal. 

Italian Sara Leghissa connects people and communities, researches transgressions and limits and uses her surroundings and her big question marks on what we take for granted as a material for her work. We often find her creating in public space, working on the stories and the conversations of neighbours and passers-by, shaping them with her interventions.

Will you marry me? is a site-specific and temporary public lecture that invites us to relate with the boundaries between what is legal and what is illegal. The performance comes from personal shared experiences, and it echoes some strategies and disobedient practices used by activists from all around the world as forms to circumvent the law without violating it, whenever it affects people’s rights. Considering the assumption that the law is a fluid parameter, which changes depending on where we are in the world, the historical period in which we live and the sort of privileges we enjoy, the law defines what is considered moral, licit, in other words, what is right. It distributes power and the perception of power in society, defining, categorizing, dividing and controlling. 

The shape of the lecture itself investigates a specific portion of the spectrum of illegality, namely the relationship between illegal acts and public space. It explores how we can act disobedience before everyone’s eyes, suggesting possible forms of complicity and public resistance.

30th and 31st August 2021


Length: 45 min

Free of charge.