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Katalin Kortmann – Bálint Katona – András Kaprinyák: FIREWORKS

The destructive properties of fire have been used and exploited by mankind in many ways to this day. By burning garbage, the unwanted excess can seemingly disappear, turning into a more manageable material. At least apparently. Incineration of waste can be converted into energy, but professional opinions are divided on this method of waste treatment.
The slogans of Sensing the City – a sensory experience, environmental awareness, interactivity, urban identity, common/communal (community) space use – mean for the creators of FIREWORKS is to make processes visible that remain hidden for urban people in everyday life.


The presentation of the necessary response to the huge amount of garbage generated in the capital is created by the projections conveyed from the incinerator, sound, smoke and taste.
By placing large sequences of images that allow one to see the burning and the moving of the astonishing amount of garbage with gigantic claws is not to aesthetize the otherwise stunning sight. Without commentary, the highlighted processes may create the potential for breaking off from the daily grind.

Beyond the attention-grabbing nature of the sight, it provides information on the amount of garbage generated on a regular basis that only a few face day by day. In the case of FIREWORKS, the content is not presented during an educational program, but as perhaps indefinable at first sight, rather a striking visual content “flames up” in some busy points in Budapest. The sound design by Bálint Katona invites the spectators closer to the visual. During the symposium, sociologist-chef András Kaprinyák awaits the interested with vegan snacks made of from by-products.

ongoing, whole days on 1st – 5th September 2021
Date of the discussion: 7 PM 2nd September 2021


Free of charge.