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Daria Pugachova (UKR): Shelter for Freedom

Shelter for Freedom is commissioned by Placcc Festival and created specifically for a location chosen in advance by the artist. 

Daria Pugachova is a Ukrainian artist who creates performances in public spaces. After the war broke out she left Ukraine and came to Europe to continue her work. Her latest works are based on her experience of war. She explores the topic of freedom and limitation and tries to push people to their emotional limit in order to heal.

Shelter for Freedom was commissioned by Placcc Festival and created specifically for a location chosen in advance by the artist. The air defence bunkers in the Hármashatár Hills reminded Daria of the shelters where people were hiding from rocket attacks back in Kyiv. In her performance she guides the audience through a metaphorical journey during which their freedom is gradually limited step by step. What does freedom mean for you? What would you do to protect it? Together we will find a way to protect our freedom both as an act of unity and as a way to stand with Ukraine. 

I will close the sky so you could breathe, a site-specific action presented earlier in Sofia can be considered as a kind of prelude to Shelter for Freedom. The symbol of the net connects the two works: a reminder of how Daria volunteered to weave camouflage nets in her hometown of Rivne before fleeing Ukraine.

Daria Pugachova is an artist, performer and art activist born in Rivne, Ukraine. She studied architecture at the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. From 2013 to 2019 she played drums in the femaleband Panivalkova. Before the war she lived and worked in Kyiv, performing in public spaces. In her projects Daria uses participatory techniques to unite communities and integrate art into daily life. Her artistic approach lies in the presence of the artist and direct interaction with the audience in the public space. Her work explores the history of her chosen places to awaken memories within the community, in so doing helping them visualize a possible new future. 

Created by Daria Pugachova

Special thanks: Dávid Szegő and Mila

Date: 6 PM, 13 September 2022
Venue: Hármashatárhegy parking lot, 1028 Budapest, Hármashegyi út

Free program, but registration need.
Registration: HERE

Important Information
Please arrive at the starting point at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the performance. 
The performance will be held even in the case of bad weather or rain.
Please come in comfortable clothing and shoes suitable to the weather.

How to Get There

By Public Transport and On Foot: 
The venue is near the following public transport stops, but you will have to walk to reach it from there.
Closest bus stops:
Fenyőgyöngye: bus no. 65 or 65A from Kolosy Square (you will need to walk about 30 minutes in the forest from this stop),
Hedvig street: bus no. 137 from Szentlélek Square (you will need to walk about 25 minutes in the forest from this stop).
If you would like to combine the theater experience with an easy trip through the forest that requires hiking/sports shoes, join our organized walk led by Szemessy Kinga, a contemporary dancer and walking guide.
Departure: 17.00
The meeting point of the walk: the terminus of bus 65, the Szépvölgyi Dűlő stop.
Prior registration is required. Registration: HERE

By Minibus:
We organise a minibus which leaves before the performance at 5:30 PM from Kolosy Square, and this minibus will take participants back to Kolosy Square after the performance. 
Meeting point for the minibus: in the parking lot in form of the building 1037 Budapest, Szépvölgyi út 15.
We can only accommodate a certain number of passengers, so registration is required. Registration: HERE

By Bike: 
The meet up point can be reached from Szépvölgyi street after turning at Fenyőgyöngye onto Hármashatárhegyi street. Prepare for a big uphill climb.

By Car: 
PLACCC Festival is committed to organizing the event in an environmentally conscious manner. We suggest you not to come by car, but to rather choose public transport, arriving on foot, via our minibus or by bicycle.
If you insist on coming by car, please share your vehicle with others.