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Kaleider (UK): Pig

The public space installation by the Exeter-based collective is a large, transparent piggy bank, which can be opened when specific criteria are met.

The sum collected in the piggy bank may be taken out only when a community is formed around it that can agree unequivocally on what the money should be spent on. The conversations about this collective decision are facilitated by the British artists and Hungarian hosts. The installation has been to many European cities in the last few years, and the interactions of the various, extremely different communities have been documented on Pigzine, an online platform. The results of the event in Budapest will also be published there.

Kaleider is an international production studio led by artist Seth Honnor and producer Katie Keeler. Kaleider makes playable artworks. They combine installation, live performance and digital to design artworks.

Creators: Pig was conceived by Kaleider’s Artistic Director, Seth Honnor collaborating with Owen Gundry on Pig’s fabrication. 

Vera Szabó, Attila Lestyán 

Dates: 12 PM – 6 PM, 1-4 September 2022
Location: 1075 Budapest, Madách Imre square

Free program.

This program is realised as part of the In Situ (Un)common Spaces international collaboration project.