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ARCHIVE_2015 / THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED – Statue Scandals and the Politics of Memory

 (Magyarul ITT)
Statue topplings in mass media and video art
film screening in Pagony Garden (1114 Budapest, Kemenes str. 10.)
Time: 8 PM, 11 September 2015

A day after the exhibition opening at Szatyor Art Space, a special film screening will be held in Pagony Kert
on September 11th at 8 PM. The three chosen films, about thirty minutes in length each, describe incidents of statues being raised and brought down in East-Central Europe, with insights into the histories of affected countries. Alexandra DOMANOVIC’s video introduces us to the turbo genre, a strange phenomenon in ex-Yugoslav nations after the Yugoslav Wars when monuments to 2Pac, Johnny Depp and Bruce Lee were raised by residents looking for their role models in Hollywood – reaching for the American dream instead of facing the crisis of the Balkans.

A joint programme with Crosstalk Video Art Festival.

Video Selection: NÉMET Szilvi

Admittance is free of charge. Duration: 90 minutes
The films will be screened in their original languages, with subtitles in Hungarian and English.

– Alexandra DOMANOVIĆ: Turbo Sculpture (19’43”, in English with Hungarian subtitles)
– KIS VARSÓ: INSTAURATIO! Monument contra Cathedral (c. 35 minutes, in Hungarian with English subtitles)
– Christian JANKOWSKI: Heavy Weight History (22 minutes, in Polish with English subtitles)