MURÁNYI Marcell: Bug

„COVID-19 turned the Anthropocene back into the Holocene. As people disappeared from urban public spaces, animals carefully made their way into these deserted places. But this period didn’t last long. Restarting human life has pushed out all other living creatures once more.

My project reflects on the relationship between the recovering city and nature. So it is not primarily meant for humans. Instead I will focus on a sensitive, however less prominent group of animals by installing bug hotels in the city.

A bug hotel is a construction, mostly made of wood, brick, tile, stone or bamboo. Insects can seek refuge and nest in it. Each insect species has its own preference, for example ladybugs like empty boxes, hiveless bees can move into gaps drilled into tree stumps, and butterflies can find shelter in specially cut bamboo sticks. ” (MURÁNYI Marcell)

During his walk in July the artist will build or place these small structures in the abandoned parts of the city, on the border between green belts and residential areas – we will re-visit some of these this time around, while also installing new handcrafted bug hotels artworks during our journey.


Date and Time: 3 PM, Sunday, 27 September 2020

Meet-up Point: Margitsziget, Fountain

Length of Walk: 90 minutes


During the creation of the walk we were aided by Imagine Budapest which researches the secrets of Budapest and organizes thematic city walks.

Mentor: BÁLINT Angelika (Imagine Budapest)