László Göndör – Péter Hajmási: Quarantine show – back to reality

Two showmen who dominated the darkest pits of online life in the quarantine period, Shark and Ladder have decided to leave the scene of the only “success” they had in their lives so far: the studio of the online quarantine show, and they will appear – after more than four months – at the ultimate place of their unsuccess, to the so-called “reality”. To a reality, where everything relies on live, physical interactions, thus difficult for them to interpret and control, to a reality where they already had serious troubles even before the pandemic.

They decided to leave the online space only for a single day to hit the streets of Budapest and report to each other and the audience from 6 different points in the city. They will explore with unappeasable curiosity how people live in post-pandemic Budapest, what was their survival tactics and thus the secret of their success, what they brought with them from their quarantines to the city.

László Göndör is a freelance actor, performer and director. He graduated in employed economy. He has been involved in acting since 2012. He studied acting at the Portland Actors Conservatory in the United States, and did an internship at the Portland Playhouse and Hand2Mouth theaters. He studied dance and movement at the Indonesian Art Institute in Yogyakarta and Teater Garasi. As an actor, he has been a permanent member of the TÁP Theater since 2014 and of the Stereo Akt Company since 2019, with which he regularly participates in creative processes abroad.

Péter Hajmási started studying cinematography at the Budapest Metropolitan University, at the same time he jpined to the company of the TÁP Theater. After obtaining his first degree, he was admitted to the training of the SZFE film director MA, in the class of Péter Gothár. His exam films have been screened at several international festivals from Beijing to Bogota. He also received theatrical and film roles in the works of Ádám Fekete, Kornél Laboda and Lili Nagy, as well as Rozi Szeleczki and Kristóf Deák.