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Ine van Horen: Blaha-Walk

What do we want to see in our big cities?
How anonymous do we need to accept the architecture and how can we relate to it?
How can the presence of the camera be a gentle katalysator to get in touch with the surroundings?

It all started with an image made the 5th of June 2018, when I had the luck to capture the open structure of the market-place building at Blaha Lujza tér.
Every now and then I took the time to revisit the building and dared to come closer to the hidden corners and bricks. My position as a visual artist with an observant eye for the architecture and surroundings made me choose this site and named it Blaha-Walk.

During five hours at least I will be present: collecting and jumping into unexpected situations, being open for encounters with unknown people, trying to sell my pictures to Spar, meeting someone in her house to talk about her walks in her neighbourhood, sitting for an hour on the same spot and write a text about this moment.
This small interventions will happen on the biggest cross-road in Budapest, where a lot of anonymous eyes and hearts pass everyday. There will be for sure answers to be questioned and vice-versa.

Ine Van Horen is a beginning artist from Belgium. Her interest in Budapest goes hand in hand with her study program Autonomous Design in Kask School of Arts, Ghent.
She choose this course because of the wide approach and interest in different kinds of media. Spending her exchange here at MKE, Intermedia Art for 8 months was a way to go deeper into fieldwork and using the city as a framework outside of the institutionalized, closed buildings.
Staying here because of not being able to fly back to her home-country made her stuck here, but brought other opportunities. It feels like the right to summarize and continue observing the content of the last three years.

The practice of searching for the medium and unfolding untold stories is part of her way of working. Using digital photography to collect urban languages and stains in walls, text, spoken word and sometimes even movement and dancing with or without the camera. Her disability of strictly choosing a medium brings her into unexpected situations where she tries to improvise in the moment.