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In Situ Ateliers / Budapest

Ateliers in brief:

Ateliers are a new model of artistic lab developed by IN SITU:
– 3 days together
– 4 artists
– 4 programmers and professionals
… and a flexible format adapted to the needs of artists

With one common goal: to get to meet each other and discuss concrete issues linked to artistic projects; to share experiences and artistic / technical / production skills to help the projects grow

With one common spirit: open-mindedness, respect, and benevolence

With one advise: Be confident and get ready to enjoy a fruitful time, sharing on artistic practices, ideas and intentions!

ATELIERS 2017 / timing

  • 7-9 November @Pristina
  • 14-16 November @Budapest
  • 21-23 November @Terschellings
  • 28-30 November @Sotteville-Lès-Rouen

Participants / 14-16 November, 2017 @Budapest

Hugo BergsProvincial Domain Dommelhof (Neerpelt, Belgium)
Invited Artist: Nick Steur /
Marine ThévenetLes Tombées de la nuit (Rennes, France)
Invited Artist: Jean-Baptiste André /
Chiara OrgantiniIndisciplinarte (Terni, Italy)
Invited Artist: Claudia Sorace /
Fanni NánayArtopolis Association (Budapest, Hungary)
Invited Artists: Ambrus Ivanyos & Balint Tóth /