What is it?

Resonance is an art piece in the making. What we present now is the result of a research and development phase that has been completed in the virtual world, somewhere between Budapest and London where the two artists are based. We invite the audience to explore this virtual world, which is in fact modelled after Hunyadi tér in Budapest, where we plan to finalize and present the project later this year using a combination of physical speakers and virtual sources of sounds (using beacons & geo-located AR). The aim being to build a digital bridge between the virtual and physical world, between humans and urban trees – an augmented public park, where the trees become interactive nodes in an enquiry into how sound may be a bridge between us. 

What you are about to experience is a virtual walk through this park and a look into some of the ideas we are exploring. Sort of an exploration of the known and unknown worlds. A virtual sound installation and an alternate way to explore interacting with urban trees. A small open-ended video game.

For the ones who don’t feel like playing, we share a walkthrough video which offers an idea of what you could experience in the virtual world. 

Since we are still in a research phase, we’d really like to hear your feedback to further develop our project. 

Please send us an email to ambrus@meetlab.hu