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PLACCC 2022 Festival 1st – 13th September

The 2022 edition of PLACCC Festival presents projects created by artists from Hungary, Great Britain, Denmark, Italy, Austria, Ukraine and Belarus.

2022: the Covid-19 pandemic is still here with us, a war is being fought in a neighboring country, the political discourse in Hungary has become even more extreme since the parliamentary elections this April, and this might be the first year we have really experienced the effects of climate change.

What can art do, if anything, in such an escalated situation? PLACCC 2022 Festival attempts to answer this question. The festival program is made up of projects contrasting political-social apathy with the possibility of horizontal, direct democratic dialogue, climate panic with understanding our world through our senses, and post-pandemic trauma with moving together. The projects created by Hungarian, British, Danish, Italian and Austrian artists will be joined by a Ukrainian and a Belarusian performance as well. With these we also hope to react directly to the war that has been fought for over half a year now.

The program of PLACCC 2022 was conceived around four keywords: DiscussSenseMoveFeel.
Pig, the British Kaleider Collective’s installation and Renáta Szabó’s performative action Bridge both aim to open a space for dialogue with the help of art and artistic creation.
We started our ongoing Sensing the City program back in 2021 to host projects that react to urgent environmental issues via interdisciplinary artistic methods. This year we invited international artists to take part: the festival will present the outcomes of the explorations led during our five day residency program by Danish, Italian, British and Hungarian artists.
The Hungarian Juhász Kata Company’s and the Austrian Cie. Two in One collective’s joint site-specific performance Our Everyday Circus and Máté Mészáros’s The Mechanics of Distance participatory walk both explore public spaces through movement, while Meetlab collective’s Lasertricycle public space action will be on the move in the city continuously during the festival.
Finally, Ukrainian artist Daria Pugachova’s public space performance Shelter for Freedom will attempt to artistically process the experience of fleeing from a war, while The body you are calling is currently not available, a production by a group of four Belarusian artists (Igor Shugaleev, Sergey Shabohin, Alexandra Kononchenko and Marina Dashuk), will allow participants to viscerally feel the horrors of an authoritarian regime’s oppression.

For the detailed program, click HERE.