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Picnic with Leonardo Delogu

„I am interested in how we perceive because perception is a cultural fact, not only a physiological one, it depends on the cultural, political, economic environment in which we grew up.  I would therefore like to experiment together other possible ways to perceive, using some images.  That of the pit is a possibility to focus more attention on the passive, receiving dimension, than on the active one so stimulated by our culture of performativity.”

Leonardo Delogu does his artistic research on the pit phenomenon; the participants can be part of this process. 

THE PIT is an interruption of the plan’s function.
It breaks continuity, It reveals a subsoil, what lies under the crust, It is a collapse of the surface.
The pit is dangerous, you end up in it .
The pit is the abyss of depression: the depression that touches all the sacrificables bodies,
the discarded bodies are not included in the rule .
Humanity forced to work is a pit ,
The landscape put into massive production is a pit 
There are an infinity of pits:
A pit in the asphalt, A pit in the net,
A pit of rare earths, where wasted bodies extract materials to make smart objects and smart cities.
A garbage dump is a pit, a pit is a shelter for animals, an animal trap.
A pit of an uprooted tree. underground cave pit where chthonian creatures live.
A pit is a passage to somewhere else, like Alice in Wonderland.
The anus is a pit,
The mouth is a pit,
Art is a pit where the shadows of time fall down
And out comes the visions of possible futures .
The pit is the unknown,
The darkness,
What still has to be thought.

A picnic is also an interruption, from the working time, for instance or from a walking, is a place for relaxation, encounters and contemplation, sometimes good ideas come up during a picnic. 

So we invite you for a wierd picnic in a pit of the Budapest Landscape to spend a time together, share some body practice and try to think, and dream together – and enjoy the lights of the sunset on the rocks of the Mátyás-hill quarry. 

Meeting point: 5 p.m. at the 165 bus’ stop. Kolosy tér
Bring a bus ticket, something to drink and eat and a blanket
Duration: 3 hours

You can also join to the picnic later, in that case we meet at the beginning of the forest path leaving from the left side of the building 1037 Budapest, Mátyáshegyi út 15b, at the ’Tájvédelmi körzet’ sign.