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Máté Mészáros (HU): The Mechanics of Distance

The three elements of this public space performance – a walk led by the choreographer, a booklet with the graphic designs and the public space signs with the various pictograms – can be enjoyed for first time together.

In his original production from 2019 Máté Mészáros examined the placement and movement of static and dynamic bodies, the crowding of matching and non-matching systems into a single space, and the distances that can open up between different bodies. The choreographer searched for specific movements to illustrate these problems by adapting these abstracts ideas to physical bodies, showing audience members variations on how bodies can meet in a space, allowing them to find totally new interpretations within these movements. Their bodies thus put dance into a visual arts perspective, but not through any kind of performative ability, but through their very material, sculptural and malleable nature.

The choreographer focused on this visual arts perspective when – with the help of graphic designer Balázs Fischer – he created his radically new version of The Mechanics of Distance which premiered as a part of PLACCC Dance in June 2021.

In this public space, participatory and installation-like version of the original performance the artists invite audience members to experience art in a new way by following the movement patterns and constellations depicted on various pictograms. By “translating” these pictograms the participants themselves become performers of the new performance, recreating the nine stages of the original choreography.

The pictograms of the choreography can be found in the Second District of Budapest, between Millenáris and Mechwart liget, spaced at a comfortable walking distance from each other on signs posted on various buildings along the way, and have also been published in a small booklet – this way they can be performed at any time individually by audience members with the aid of a digital map.

During PLACCC 2022 everyone will get a chance to visit all nine stations as a part of a special, hour-long walk led by choreographer Máté Mészáros.

Choreography and Spatial Concept: Máté Mészáros
Graphics: Balázs Fischer
Booklet Design: Anna Korolovszky
Producer: SÍN Művészeti Központ

Time: 5 PM, 1 September 2022.
Meet-up Point: Széllkapu, Millenáris Park, 1027 Budapest, Margit körút

Free program, but registration is required.
Please register HERE