Collectief Walden (NL): Wind Still Life @ Valley of Arts Festival

The Dutch company Collectief Walden presented the local adaptation of their site- and context-specific piece Wind Still Life in Budapest in 2021 together with Hungarian artists and university student. In 2024 the artists return with a new version of the performace at Valley of Arts festival – this time the location and the context of Taljándörögd és the Dörögdi Basin will inspire the creation.

The walking performance Wind Still Life by the Dutch company Collectief Walden is about our concept of time: how does time affect an individual human or specific natural environments? How does time change nature itself, and through it, ourselves? How can we retain or let go of something – for better or for worse? These questions also lead us to the problem of our responsibility toward our natural environment, regardless of whether we accept or deny it. 
In case of each presenation the Dutch artists re-adapt the orogonal piece to the given site and its wider context together with the local collaborators. 

Collectief Walden is a group of artists and thinkers who feel the urgency of the ecological crisis. Among the members of the collective there are actor, philosopher, biologist and dramaturge as they believe that science and art can mutually inspire each other. Their creations are site responsive as they are presenting the local context in a very sensitive way, at the same time they respond and react on the context throughout the creation process. 
They never embody fictional characters, because we don’t create fictions. They create installations, performances and meeting spaces on the borders of ​​science, documentary and visual arts. The works often take place in landscapes or public space. 

Creators and Perfomers: Luca Borsos, Hanna Milovits, Pál Nyáry, Domonkos Gregorich, René Van Bakel, Thomas Lamers
Creators of the original version: René Van Bakel, Hella Godee, Seline Gosling, Jente Hoogeveen, Thomas Lamers, Thijs Van Vuure
Set: students of the University of Architecture and Engineering in Budapest: Csongor Nyíri, Gitta Niederkirchner, Krisztina Zoé Ládi, Júlia Moró, Laura Panna Takács
with the mentorship of assistant professor Péter Lassu 
Special thanks: Attila Papp, Attila Ernhaft

Dates and times:
6.30 PM, 19th July 2024
4.00 PM and 6.30 PM, 20th and 21th July 2024

Meeting point:
in front of World Music Venue – Kocsor House, 8295 Taliándörögd, Petőfi u. 24.

The performance can be visited with the wristband or Valley of Arts AND registration to the performance.
Maximum number of audiences: 45 people.
Tickets for Valley of Arts festival: https://www.muveszetekvolgye.hu/ticket
Registration online: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf_etlxgqVY6exGMUi45TIdymDx84uVmYlUVgm87s1VJI7QpQ/viewform
On-site registration is also possible, depending on the availabilty of places after the online registration.

Wearing comfortable, preferably closed shoes is recommended.

The performance is presented by PLACCC Festival in collaboration with Pro Progressione as part of The Big Green project. The Big Green is co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union.