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Cipolla Collectiva: The Mystery of the Body

Cipolla Collectiva invites the audience to a shared study in the language of dance and theatre. The piece depicts man moved by the forces of nature and as part of nature. 


The five elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether – are the five different forces that act on body, soul and spirit. The slow-forming nature of the earth, its fragmenting vibrations, kneads the man and the woman together, not exactly frictionlessly. The flowing force of the fluid softens and fuses them together again, in a lighter way. The scorching and sparking power of fire transforms the relationship between the two people, sometimes playful, sometimes dangerous, awakening their passion. The air further refines the performers’ movements, at the same time expanding the space, the windy currents bringing in the dizziness, the state of loss of control, as another stage. In the last duet, the two dancers dance without touching each other, bringing the ethereal quality to life in the space. 

The spacious, bright building of the OSA Archive inspired the movement of the creators, and the production was created specifically for this location. The atmosphere of the institution creates the right setting for this performance, which is not just a dance piece, but also a study and a rite of initiation. The spirit of the research is in the air of the building, a supportive and accepting environment of openness similar to that of the Cipolla Collectiva. But research is primarily an intellectual activity, even if it is materially based, and dance can therefore be a counterpoint and complement to the activity in the building. 

Creators and performers: Dávid Mikó, Csilla Nagy
Co-creator: Anna Sándor
Composer: László Lukács
Costume design: Zsuzsanna G. Szabó
Light design: Ádám Bod
Production manager: Margit Hodován

Date: 8 June 2023, 20.00
Location: OSA Archive, 1051 Budapest, Arany János u. 32.

Full price: 3000 HUF
Student / pensioner: 2000 HUF
Supporter ticket: 5000 HUF