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Anna Anderegg (CH): Silver Boom

With the performance presented in collaboration of Budapest Spring Festival and PLACCC, we move out of the city center and explore the squares and streets of Újpalota with local senior performers.

Silver Boom is a community performance in public space by the Swiss dancer and choreographer Anna Anderegg, which she always creates with local senior ladies. The public presentation of the performance is preceded by a ten-day workshop with 15-20 female participants over the age of sixty, and a site-specific dance film will also be created during the work.
The complex art project revolves around the question of the connection between public space, gender and age – since the aging female body is practically pushed out by modern society and made invisible in the urban public space. What can we learn from these knowledgeable bodies? What wisdom and stories do these women have to tell us?
Silver Boom opens a poetic breach in everyday life and encourages residents to reclaim their environment. The interruption of the daily rhythm in the city is intended to allow all citizens to reflect on the values we hold as a society today.

Participants / performers: Edit, Magdolna Gáspár, Anna Horváth, Éva Horváth, Kati, Éva Kőrösi, Anikó Magyar, Erika Ster, Magdi Szabad, Zsuzsanna Szandi, Tünde Török, Eszter Zolnai

Creators and Contributors
Anna Anderegg – concept and choreography
Milica Slacanin – video
Marco Barotti – sound design
Kinga Szemessy – assistant choreographer
Szandra Deutsch – project coordinator

Dates of the performances: 8 and 9 May 2024, 5.30 PM
Meeting point: in front of the Újpalota Market Hall (1156 Budapest, Nyírpalota út 52.), from Kontyfa street, HERE

Free of charge.

The public performance is complemented by the 20-minute film made during the two-week workshops and rehearsal period, in which, in addition to moments of preparation, interviews with the participants can be seen, which are honest and brave confessions about aging, passing away, passion and love.

Thanks to Milica Slacanin‘s creation, Újpalota will be brought to Újbuda, as the film, which also evokes the architecture and life of the residential areas of the 15th district, will be shown in the shop windows of the Contemporary Architecture Centre as an accompanying programme of Budapest100.  

Dates and times of the screening: 9th May 2024, 12-6 PM, 10th May 2024, 12-9 PM
Location of the screening: Contemporary Architecture Centre, 1111 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 10-12.

The production is realized as part of the Budapest Spring Festival in cooperation with the Budapest Brand Nonprofit Zrt. and the Placcc Festival with the support of the Csokonai Cultural Center, Pro Helvetia (CH) and the Swiss Embassy.
Special thanks: Contemporary Architecture Centre, B32 Gallery and Cultural Space

The event will be video and audio recorded. By participating in the event, the participant gives his/her consent to the recording and its release.