Ziggurat Project (Flóra Eszter Sarlós & Emese Kovács): Invisible Traces

No more touch. In order to protect our physical and mental well-being 8-15 hugs per day is recommended, as the physical touch reduces the stress and strenghtens the immune system. In the new situation we protect ourselves with not touching each other!? What effect does this distance have on us? In the focus of the dancers performative walk is physical distance, social intimacy and the importance of touch which we all revalue in this period. Alonside the moving of the two dancers departing from two different points of the city an invisible path is created. The body remembers everything: the touch or the lack of touch let invisible traces.

Flóra Eszter Sarlós is a Hungarian choreographer, co-founder and artistic director of Ziggurat Project. She works as a creator of dance and interdisciplinary pieces with a special focus on site-specific creation and dance & digital technology. Between 2015-2017 she completed a Master degree in Performing Arts at Paris VIII University, where her research focused on perception in the relationship of contemporary dance to digital arts. She was honored by French government scholarship, Visegrad Fund Residency Program, Life Long Burning Program, L1 residency and membership, Imre Zoltán Program of Hungarian emerging dance artists, Metropolis Residency, etc. She works in cooperative and research-based art projects and believes that the purpose of art is to open communication channels between people.

Emese Kovács is Hungarian dancer based in Budapest. She is founding and permanent member of multidisciplinary site-sensitive company Ziggurat Project. After studying at Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy she received her degree at Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno (CZ) in dance and movement theatre in 2016. She spent half year in Brussels at dance studio Danscentrumjette on a traineeship. She has cooperated among others with Philippe Genty Company (FR), Zero Ballet Company (HU), choreographers Tereza Vejsada Leopoldová & Lukáš Leopold (CZ), Batarita (HU), Márta Ladjánszki (HU) and Greenmy Tong (HK) and musicians/composers as Miroslav Tóth (SK), Paul Yip (HK) and Ingrid Hölzl (AUT). She is permanent guest artist of the Czech company Orbita. In 2013 she was a scholarship holder of Batarita Dance Company, in 2016 resident artist of L1 Association, from 2017 member of L1 Association. In 2018 she was supported by Zoltán Imre Program for young dancers. She has attended numerous residencies as in CCDC Hongkong, Visegrad Fund residency at KAIR (Košice), at Nástupište 1-12 (Topoľčany), Rezidance (Komařice) etc. Her long-term research interest as a maker is objectification and subjectivity of the human body, her pieces dealing with this topic: this thing here is complex (and good to be sold), Bunny Wants to Die, Fragile, Little Magic Box of Harmony, Too Much.