Sophie Zoletnik– Lennart Paar: Together Alone

Just a few months ago our most precious commodity was time. We were restless, calendars full of rehearsals, heads full of ideas, and in all honesty too many things to do. Then all of a sudden we get time, unlimited time, time for ourselves and for each other. The transition to accepting the calm and maybe even benefitting from it was plagued by questions: but what do I do now? Am I losing my purpose, my identity? Do I stop being a performer if there is no one to watch? Even though we might not have found any answers we have learned to accept ourselves and each other a little more, to breathe a little deeper and to pay attention. We live(d) very public lives, as performers doubly so. I guess we knew that attention from others is part of our motor, but when it is taken away it becomes suddenly and painfully obvious. There is a weird discomfort that comes with this realisation but it is not all negative, it is who we are.
We are a hand to hand duo, a couple based in Budapest. We have only been working together for three years actively, but we set ourselves ever-growing goals, so progress follows. Sophie is one of the core members of Firebirds and Freak Fusion Cabaret. She is a self-educated circus performer and is performing for over 15 years in disciplines of aerial- and partner acrobatics, vertical dance and fire juggling. Lennart is from Germany. Originally he is a programmer, but joined the company 5 years ago as a fire performer, object manipulator and acro base.

Our most recent work is a hand to hand duo that is inspired by sleep deprivation and restlessness. You can find a recording of it here: https://firebirds.hu/show/cant-fall