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JUHÁSZ Gergő Kaska: Make it visible

„We are familiar with the concepts of graffiti and streetart. We have heard of public streetart exhibitions, about the famous or infamous stars working in the genre, some of whom even give interviews or public statements – most of the time in contexts defined by themselves. Now as a part of Re:walking everyone will have an opportunity to experience the creation of streetart firsthand in downtown Budapest with all the planning and risks involved, with the ever vigilant eyes of CCTV cameras, security guards, inspectors, the police, neighbours and pedestrians on us – just like in everyday life.” (JUHÁSZ Gergő Kaska)

As a part of Placcc Festival’s Wa(l)king the city event this June JUHÁSZ Gergő Kaska hung posters of homeless women living in Budapest in the streets of the capital. He will now continue his work – but this time participants will be able to follow him, or even help him, as he posts his streetartifacts in the city space.

Time and Date:  3 PM, Saturday, 26 September 2020

Meet-up Point: in front of Örkény Theatre, Madách Square

Length of Walk: 120 minutes

During the creation of the walk we were aided by Imagine Budapest which researches the secrets of Budapest and organizes thematic city walks.

Mentor: BÁLINT Angelika (Imagine Budapest)