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Red in the city –  Vörös Krisztián / Piros pop-up exhibition


We will open the fifteenth Placcc Festival with Piros’s – or VÖRÖS Krisztián’s – pop-up Placcc-historic exhibition. The artist created the visual design of all fifteen Placcc Festivals, this one included.

With this year’s design being special in that it was devised in an “analogue” way – as in it was inspired by an existing painting. Visitors will be able to see every poster created for Placcc, along with some other variations, which give exhibitiongoers insight into the artistic method that lead to the works chosen for Placcc. We will also exhibit some other works by Piros which reflect the artist’s unique worldview and artistic style.

4PM-8PM, 24 September 2020
12PM-8PM, 25 September 2020

Venue: store – 1052 Budapest, Károly krt. 10.

The exhibition can be viewed free of charge.

Special thank for providing the venue: Manufactory Kft.