Anna Margit – St. John Mckay: We’re Planting Sunflowers, Could You Please Help Us?

If you’re feeling like a little civil disobedience, but aren’t quite ready to take it off Facebook, you’re in luck! Virtually follow us out on the streets of the 8th district for an uprising — of sunflower plants! As we take over little unmanaged sidewalk plots for planting sunflower seeds, feel good knowing you’re sticking-it-to-the-man from your couch. Get fired up in your kitchen or bathroom, as we recruit locals walking by and instantly turn them into fellow members of the civil unrest, all with a handful of seeds, a little shovel, and a watering can.

But what if you are already bored of your couch and online spaces? Are you ready to venture out to the streets or have you already been wandering in the city for weeks? Join us live, on location!

Then remain impassioned while lying in bed by the sight of a transformed landscape totally unsanctioned by the powers of officialdom* (*in about 3 months for full bloom, give or take a week).

Where can you join us during the walk?
16.00 corner of Bródy Sándor street and Vas street
17.00 28 Népszínház street
18.00 corner of Mátyás square and Tavaszmező street
19.00 19 Baross street
20.00 corner of Csobánc street and Orczy square

Let’s set a green fire to the neighborhood and yellow the streets, one little brown rectangle at a time — ‘Power to the Sunflower!’

Anna and St. John are two humans who met in New York City but have come to Budapest to be sub servants of the natural world, kneeling at the feet of healthy communities and conscious eco-living, all the while licking the toes of bowel shaking art. They run both an art and community space in the 8th district (‘Szeszgyar — A Hely’, open to all strange project ideas!) and a tiny permaculture farm in Nagymaros. Anna, the Hungarian is definitely more gardener and permaculture-er, while St. John, the New Zealander is definitely more tear-their-hair-out-because-their-latest-existential-performance-piece-isn’t-quite-coming-together-er, but as a combo they’re dedicated to living the dream in a more equal and saner world.