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Ziggurat Project: Bodily traces

‘Beautiful, such organic group work’ 
‘The space felt like endless possibilities of sensory research’ 
‘I was confronted with the realization how rarely we trust others to this extent’

The participatory research performance Bodily Traces is an invitation for sensing the city in a different way, by being taken by strangers, trusting them, giving your weight to them, finding new sensations, gaining sensorial information, leaving an invisible trace in the space.

The project has been developed in the frame of Metropolis Residency, in Copenhagen, in July 2019 and it can be seen in Budapest for the first time with Hungarian dancers.

Concept: Flóra Eszter Sarlós
Performers and co-creators: Ádám Bot, Emese Kovács, Gergő Lukács, Krisztián Szilágyi, Boglárka Varga

Dates: 3rd June and 4th June 2022, 13:30-16:30 and 17:30-20:30 daily
One spectator at the time, duration of the performance in general: 15 minutes / participant
Meeting point: Boráros tér – Petőfi ferry station

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