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Ziggurat Project: AWE_A Wall Experience

shift of perspective.
skin peeling.
mental games.

Site-specific dance performance in climbing hall.

Four dancers of Ziggurat Project are learning how to climb. But not just them! Even the composer and the production manager are taking part! Dreamt up and realized in Spider Climbing Club, the movement language of the new site-specific piece combines contemporary dance and theatre with real indoor climbing techniques. We are looking for that state of awe which is both frightening and uplifting, and in which we simultaneously feel pleasantly insignificant, yet also connected to the whole universe.

Performers & Co-creators
: MÓROCZ Eszter, SARLÓS Flóra Eszter, SZEMESSY Kinga, SZILÁGYI Krisztián

Concept and Choreography: SARLÓS Flóra Eszter

Music:  MUNKÁCSI Ádám

Light Design: SZABON Balázs

Production Management: SZŐKE Tímea

Technical Assistance: KOMONDI Csaba “Tódi” and the team at Spider Club

Promo Video: STÁMUSZ Dániel

: 45 min.

Supporters: EMET, NKA, PLACCC Fesztivál, Pro Progressione

Special thanks to Spider Club for providing the venue.