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Transforming Association: Doomsday Court

Journey Through a Labyrinthine Bureaucracy

A game to play while we wait for a possible apocalypse

Some believe that every person will have to face the coming end of days alone. Everyone will have to give an accounting for their birth, death and the time spent in between. Even if we don’t know exactly how it will all end.

Similar to a state exam we will have to go before a committee. The judges will be forgiving because they would have to be ashamed if with all their knowledge they didn’t understand your situation. You’ll be full of excitement, but calm and sure in your knowledge that it is all futile. We work with what we have. Everything goes.

But we can prepare for the worst together before you have to set foot in the doomsday court! Being human does not make the moments of our existence easier, but this training session may one day help us leave behind the thing weighing us down.

Let’s take bureaucracy as an example. It is a labyrinth, full of obstacles that seem unpleasant, irritating and pointless – and should we manage to escape it, we may face the judges of this coming doomsday without fear, and get through our exam successfully!

Here is your number!

Anyone can join us, we’ll prepare together!

Cast: bureaucrats, examinees and the court butler
Organizers: FILE Csilla, MAKKAI Dániel (Transforming Association – Apocalypse Training)

Time of the imaginary doomsday: 2 October 2020.
Venue: secret