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a trip through space and time and the center of Hungary

Times: Midnight, 24th, 25th and 26th of September, 2015.
Venue: Clark Ádám square, 0 km stone

Teleport Gallery is a mobile exhibition space: it does not have a constant, geographically fixed location, so its happenings are always held at different venues. Since the gallery wanders through the cityspace, it is not simply a place for works of art, but a perpetually changing context as well. This is why Teleport’s projects can live independently of space and time. These projects reflect upon current social and political problems, and the members of Teleport group mostly create them with the help of young, career starting artists. Besides reflecting on the present, group members are also interested in the relationship between today’s Hungarian society, its artists and Hungary’s socialist-communist past, the Kádár-system, and how this type of memory-based culture appears in works of contemporary Hungarian art.

As a part of their next project they will be creating unique performance-based happenings, which will be set in Clark Ádám tér near the 0 km stone, the very center of Hungary’s road system. A place that seems to disappear amid the construction sites, renovations and floods of tourists in the city, though itself has already gone through many changes in the 20th century. For the Teleport group the 0 km stone marks a point of reference, symbolic of peace and mathematical precision, while the zero itself – especially in today’s Hungarian political climate – symbolizes loss, going backwards, returning to naught.

With their three perfomances the creators ask the question: what is the moral center of today’s Hungary? Does one even exist? The 0 km stone should be a constant center, a neutral point of reference, which the political powers that be always try to redefine, trying to decide what can be a pillar of society and what cannot.

Teleport will transport the guests of the PLACCC 2015 Festival into the night. During the third weekend of the festival the group will organize their performances every night at midnight – and everytime they will redefine the cityspace, its history and their relationship to it. The project emphasizes the social, historical and artistic significance of the 0 km stone, which will also be the center of PLACCC 2015 this year.

Curators: DON Tamás, GADÓ Flóra, ISTVÁNKÓ Bea, ŐZE Eszter
Artists: BALLA Csönge, SCHMIED Andi, GRÓF Ferenc

Participation is free of charge.
Duration: 60 minutes
In English and Hungarian.