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Sensing the City – Open Call

As a first step of Placcc Festival’s Art & Nature program series we will be organizing a performative symposium titled Sensing the City at the end of August and beginning of September of 2021. We are inviting applications for public space art micro-interventions about the connection between art and environment / environmental awareness / environmental sustainability.

The performative symposium will be a series of moderated thematic discussions where instead of a conference hall experts and artists will be able to meet in the city itself, with participants also being able to view various relevant public space artworks. This way the appreciation of chosen artworks and the related professional talks will strengthen each other, becoming an organic whole.
(Read more about the program here.)

Our Open Call is for small format public space art projects that help participants (re)connect to the urban space and ecosystem while focusing on keywords and principles like sensory experienceenvironmental awarenessinteractivity, urban identity and the use(s) of common/communal spaces.

We are inviting artists form all artistic fields (theatre, dance, circus arts, music, literature, art, photography, film, architecture) to apply to our Open Call!

We accept applications for both individual and group art projects.

Artists who apply agree both to create their planned urban art projects and to take part in the moderated thematic discussion(s) that will focus on their work.

Professional fees for those participating in the event series: 

Individual participation: 120 000 HUF / project.

Participating as a group: 200 000 HUF / project.

Beyond the participation fees organizers are unable to fund material or production costs, but in certain cases may be able to help artists with sponsorship support for materials (if you would like such support, please indicate so in your application) 

The Festival will also obtain the official municipal permits for the chosen space(s) (public or otherwise) required by the artists.

How to apply:

Please send your application to the email address. Applications should include: 

  • concept and project description (max. 3000 characters),
  • at least one proposed location, but ideally two or three, and
  • professional CV and references / portfolio. 

The names of committee members responsible for selection of projects will be revealed soon.

Curator of the Sensing the City program: BUBLA Éva

Deadline for applications: 26 July 2021.

The list of chosen projects will be published by: 30 July 2021.

Planned time of the event series: 27 August – 7 September 2021.