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In 2024, instead of the “usual” PLACCC Dance in May, we will present PLACCC Extra with artistic projects in public space in the XI. and II. districts of Budapest.

With the support of Budapest City Municipality and Pro Cultura Urbis, we present four artists and collectives who are connected in different ways to the XI. and II. the district of Budapest. Meetlab collective has been operating its base in the XI. district, Dávid Somló regularly organizes small-scale performances in his apartment in the district, and Éva Bubla’s several smaller public events popped up in the area. On the other hand, Kata Juhasz has been active in the II. district as a doctor and also as an artist for many years.

The art works presented in the frame of PLACCC Extra offer active involvement to the participants instead of mere public spectacles, they provide the experience of sensing the districts in a different way (which makes them local and strengthens the connection), but on the other hand, they touch on more global issues. The projects respond to urban life and environmental challenges, they help the sensory mapping of the urban space and ecosystem, and the (re)connection to it.

Programs of PLACCC Extra:

Kata Juhasz Társulat: Our ordinary circuses
Dates and locations:
4 May 2024, 8:30 PM – Zsigmond Square outdoor workout
12 May 2024, 8:30 PM – Máriaremete outdoor workout
1 June 2024, 8:30 PM – Outdoor workout in Mechwart Park

Barta Gyöngyi, Farkas-Kovách Réka, Sinkó Bori, Tóth Bálint (Meetlab): Phonexoscope
Dates and locations:
11 May 2024, 2 PM-6 PM – Feneketlen-tó
12 May 2024, 2 PM-6 PM – Levendulás park (Hamzsabégi út)
20 May, 2024, 2 PM-6 PM – Bikás park
25 May 2024, 2 PM-6 PM – Árasztó-part

Dávid Somló: Slow steps have ears
Date: May 14-20 2024 (rain dates: May 21, 22 2024)
Location: Gellérthegy

Bubla Eva: Designated Breathing Zone
Date: May 23 2024 (installation inauguration, after which the work will remain on site for a longer period of time)
Location: Gellérthegy

The programs are free.

The programs are implemented as part of the anniversary year of Budapest 150, with the financial support of the Pro Cultura Urbis Public Foundation.

Video and audio recordings may be made at the event. By participating in the event, the participant gives his consent to the recording and communication of his appearance and manifestations.