ARCHIVE_2015 / machina eX (DE): PlayMobile

 (Magyarul ITT)
machina eX--
mobile phone game parcours

Time: 5 PM to 8 PM, 10-12 September 2015. Groups of six will be setting out every half-hour.
Meet-up point: Jurányi Ház, 1027 Budapest, Jurányi str. 1.

Ticket information: tickets are sold by Jurányi Ház, www.juranyihaz.hu/jegyinfo
Price: 1000 HUF

machina eX was founded in Berlin in 2010. They are a collective of theatre and media artists designing computer games in real-life environments. They define themselves as a game design laboratory, constantly working on the development of new formats, interactive stories and game-technologies.

One of their newest technologies is a mobile-phone-adventure-software, which makes it possible for an audience to enter a game world using their mobile phone. The game evolves through text messages, voicemails and phone calls. Any location, indoors or outdoors, can be a stage. Anyone with a basic mobile phone can be an audience member.

In the spirit of open source, machina eX share the technology of this mobile-phone-adventure with four Hungarian artist groups – theatre collectives, architects and media artists alike. Using this technology in a ten-day game-design workshop they will collectively produce a set of new games, presented as PlayMobile: an interactive game parcours starting at Jurányi Inkubátorház.

Staff: Anna FRIES, IVANYOS Ambrus, Lasse MARBURG, Malu PEETERS, Mathias PRINZ
Groups participating: Tünet Együttes, Szövetség’39, Dinamó Budapest, K2 Színház

Duration: 75 minutes

In Hungarian and English. If you want to take part in the English version, please register at: placccjegy@gmail.com.
We advise you to dress comfortably, in clothes suit able for the weather!