Luca Borsos – Márk Bartha: Dance the District

I wanna dance. Dance in public spaces. Dance in public spaces with people. Dance in public spaces with people to the same music. But not at a concert.

Just like when I’m walking home, listening to my music and such a melody comes up that my steps can not continue simply walking forward.

Dance. Dance just as it feels like. Just where the music, the streets and the other people take me. Dance in this space, in the city I live, which is mine and nobody can take it away from me.

an idea
an afternoon
an hour
a musician
the streets of a district
an indefinite number of participants and movements

There are no performers in this participatory dance performance. Everyone is a performer who chooses to start moving in the neighboring streets in that hour. They are participants, people who experience something, civilians who dance, who for an hour will get a chance to dance together to the same livestreamed music. Our location will be in an outlying part of Budapest’s seventh district, where after a short briefing participants will get to occupy the neighboring streets and squares for an hour of communal common dancing. At the briefing we will choose a location for everyone where they will be able to dance. They can do so alone, with a partner, in small or large groups. The main thing is that we disperse in that part of the city, bringing it to life with our dancing for an hour. The specific locations will be chosen in a way that participants will see other groups and dancers. This way even when some dances “alone”, they will not really be by themselves. They will see someone in the distance at another location dancing to the same music. But this also doesn’t mean you have to dance together – though you may. And this way the presence of the others will be with us the whole time. No one will be left alone. We will be the only ones hearing the music, played by our own phones. In the second half hour, starting out from the farthest location we will slowly visit every location one by one, dancing and joining together, until we can all return to Szendvicsbár, the place that was the source of our music the whole time. The event will end in a picnic at Szendvicsbár and the sidewalk in front of it. In the month prior to the event we will also invite local residents and neighbors to join us so we all will be able to have a real, inclusive community experience – something that will become a part both of the district’s present and its memory.

Artists: Luca Borsos and Márk Bartha
Photo and Video: Máté Fuchs
Graphics: Luca Mohácsi

Dates and Times: 10th and 17th June 2022, 5:30 PM
Meeting Point: Szendvicsbár, 1078 Budapest, István str. 27. 

The program is free of charge, but prior registration is necessary so that we know about you, where we can send you an e-mail a few days before the event about what to bring with you, and where we can send you the secret link leading to the music. You will also need a mobile phone with active Internet access, earphones, and shoes in which you will be able to dance a bit in the streets of Budapest.

Registration HERE