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Katalin Lőrinc – János Vázsonyi: Improvisations on instrument, space and body

Certain bodies are given – and it is not clear who starts first, who inspires who – one thing is certain: the moment decides.

“Certain bodies are given: the body of a dancer; the body of a musician and of course the body of the instrument; the bodies of the spectators, the body of the landscape, the objects, the walls, the body of air… They meet, something happens to them there and then.”

Katalin Lőrinc, with her classical ballet graduation way back in the last century, is heading to the west for contemporary dance – later turning to theory and teaching. She has been working regularly with music-based improvisation since 2011. With saxophonist János Vázsonyi they met for the first time in 2021 by chance at the Cserje Festival and played together in a beautiful garden somewhere in Nógrád.
This time their inspiration is going to be elements of this part of the Danube-side. It is not clear who starts first: the space inspires the movement, the movement inspires the music, or the music inspires the movement – one thing is certain: the moment decides.

Performers: Katalin Lőrinc, János Vázsonyi

Date: 30 May 2023 4pm and 6pm
40 minutes each

Meeting points: 
at 4pm: at the ferry station Boráros tér / Petőfi-híd
at 6pm: in front of Bálna Terasz Bistro

Free programme