ARCHIVE_2015 / Jessica DOLBY (UK): Mapping Budapest

 (magyarul ITT)
exploring Budapest one picture at a time


Times and Venues:
6 PM, 24 September 2015. / Meet-up Point: entrance to Csepel Művek, 1211 Budapest, Gyepsor str. 1.
4 PM, 26 September 2015. / Meet-up Point: Müszi, 1085 Budapest Blaha Lujza sqr. 1.
We advise you to dress comfortably, in clothes suitable for the weather!


Jessica DOLBY is an artist from the UK, and she creates intricately detailed drawings as an investigation and exploration of walking, place and site. Combining hand-crafted elements with low-fi methods of replication, such as scanners and photocopiers, she creates installations in the public sphere that can be ‘experienced’. She is intrigued with the concept of psychogeography, and finds her role as artist therefore extends into that of cartographer and topoanalyst.


She is currently based in Budapest on her residency Mapping Budapest /ˈBuːdəpɛst\at Müszi Organisation, where she is engaged in mapping the city. As a part of PLACCC 2015 Festival you can join Jessica on a walk of Csepel, which will involve using a popular introductory method to psychogeography, proposed by the academic and travel writer, Robert MACFARLANE. As an urban derive, emphasis is on open conversations and an alternative look at the district and its surroundings.


Please wear comfortable shoes and come equipped for all weather. Bring something with you to document the walk or something to leave behind – a camera, pens and paper, sound recorder, map – anything that you feel would enhance your experience. Jessica will also be taking over the PLACCC Festival social media and uploading photographs of her drawing installations around the city.


Artist: Jessica DOLBY


Participation is free of charge.
Duration: 80 minutes
In English, with Hungarian interpretation.