ARCHIVE_2015 / Dollár Papa Gyermekei (HU): CLOSENESS

 (Magyarul ITT)
an intimate conversation game with a stranger

Venue: secret meeting spots in Budapest (participants will be informed of their spots after registration)
Times: September 10-12, 2015, daily between 2 PM and 7 PM
>registration here: j.mp/closenessbudapest

Never talk to strangers! Remember when your parents taught you this? Even though this very sound advice might help you out more than once in your life, it still isn’t worth it to live your entire life by it. For what would happen if the stranger standing, sitting, walking or simply passing by you could have a real impact on your life – if your fates could intertwine?

The Dollár Papa Gyermekei troupe was founded in the Spring of 2009 by young theatre artists from Kaposvár, Hungary, who have since then created theatrical happenings in various interesting locales, concentrating on the unique attributes of each specific space. This time they are preparing another exciting experiment: they are interested in whether it is possible to bridge the sometimes seemingly insurmountable gap between two people through answering a couple of simple questions.

After their major success at this year’s Bánkitó Festival , they once again invite all to take part inintimate conversations – especially those who like getting to know new people, those interesting faces you can catch a glimpse of in the street. Based on a system of questions hidden in envelopes, registered participants will be paired randomly for „dates” and directed to secret meeting spots where they can form new, maybe lifelong relationships… And their story will be written by life itself.

The project was inspired by the research done by Arthur ARON. According to his hypothesis, if two strangers both answer 36 specific questions, they will probably fall in love.

„After going through all the questions, I felt as if we had become closer somehow. And it was a strange feeling. Before me stood a guy who I had only met an hour earlier, and we still got to know each other as if we had gone through long months of talking and drinking wine together into the night. I was sure that if we had had the minimal am ount of chemistry between us, we would have exchanged numbers.” (ZALAVÁRI Noémi, hvg.hu)

Concept: ÖRDÖG Tamás, KISS-VÉGH Emőke

Duration: 60 minutes