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Brida Horváth, Pierre Martin, Stéphane Pogran: Shift

The summer is not complete without a Placcc programme: we present a site-specific dance-video-sound performance at the Vázsonyi Mill and online on 15 July.

Shift: work done in a specific period of time. The period of time when workers are assigned to the same slot. A group of people working at the same time. There is day, night or even weekend shift. 

The title refers to the working method of the Franco-Hungarian team and the locations where the project has been carried out (out-of-use factories, industrial and other production sites). The inspiration for the project comes from working together, at the same time and for the same productive process and purpose, often at the same stage, and from the (often abandoned or nowadays used for other purposes) location. The imprint of times gone by, monotony and long-lasting process(es) are also themes of the work. 

The week-long intensive residency at the Vázsonyi Mill is an organic continuation of an earlier improvisation experiment in France. In May 2022, in a disused mill, the Moulin de Constance, the three artists immersed themselves and their collective artistic process for 24 hours without interruption, under the title Les 3_8. They intend to share and continue is this experience within the framework of the July residency.

The project will once again take place in a disused mill, but the joint research and creative process will take place in two separate locations: dancer Brida Horváth in Nagyvázsony, while musician Pierre Martin and video artist Stéphane Pogran will work in France, in constant online contact with each other throughout the residency. At the end of the week-long project, a site-specific dance performance will take place at the Vázsony Mill, which will be broadcast live to French audiences at the same time in the exhibition space of L’Atelier IMIS in Montignac-sur-Charente. The broadcast will also be available online. 

Dance: Brida Horváth
Music: Pierre Martin
Video: Stéphane Pogran

Date: 7.30pm, 15 July 2023
Venue: Vázsonyi Mill (Vázsonyi Malom)
Online broadcast: details coming soon

More about the 24-hour production: 
“The intention: we wanted to play with space and time, to test our gestures, our movement and stillness, our images and our music, our abundance and absence, our noise and silence. To create a world with no limits, only the need to explore, to (re)observe and to surprise. We wanted to loiter, to overdo everything a little, not sleep much, not eat much, not talk much, let the day, then the night, then the day again, accompany our work. We wanted to make it happen, we wanted to build it, we wanted to play with all the ideas we had, and we wanted to explore new ones. We also wanted to laugh and have fun.”
(The creators)

Partners: L’Atelier IMIS, Consortium Coopérative, Vázsonyi Malom 
Supported by Ministry of Culture and Innovation, Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture
Special thanks: François des Lingeris (owner of Moulin de Constance, Pons)