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Artists selected through open call

After the micro-actions by 5 artists and collectives invited by Placcc Festival (dollardeddy’s, Zsolt Sőrés, Ziggurat Project, STEREO Akt, Dávid Somló) we continue our ’Wa(l)king the city’ event series with walks designed by artists selected through open call.

The jury has selected 13 artists / duos out of the 47 received applications. The diverse selection contains proposals from theatrical sketches through dance pieces to environmental conscious installative actions.

The series will begin with the “urban” version of László Göndör’s and Péter Hajmási’s ‘Quarantine show’ which they started “broadcasting” during the lockdown. Their theatrical approach will be followed by a musical intervention: Áron Porteleki’s early morning miniconcerts. Marcell Murányi will install bug hotels during his walk, thus “reflecting on the relationship between the recovering city and nature”. Ine van Horen, a Flemish intermedia art student on a scholarship in Budapest approaches a special building, the Corvin mall at Blaha Lujza tér from the perspective of cultural anthropology. Viola Lévai’s dance intervention will be followed by Lili Stern’ and Bálint Antal’s participatory art urban walk. Gergő Juhász visual artist will create portraits of homeless people during his walk and leave them on location as peculiar public art works. Sophie Zoletnik’s andLennart Paar’s new circus intervention tackles the question of publicity and identity, in turn Viktor Szeri, Tamás Páll and Gyula Muskovics will introduce the genre of AR performance into the event series. Ágens “during a private ‘story writing’, will reveal some hidden parts of the city, and also its iconic places and iconic figures”, while Márton Kovács and Ádám Móser will be “wandering in the city – together or on separate paths -, weaving new tunes in the ever-changing soundcarpet of streets and squares”. Imre Vass’s movement performance will – in a somewhat provocative way – inspire us to process the past couple of months, and we close our event series with a project which leaves traces on the city for a longer term: Anna Margit and St. John Mckay will plant sunflowers on the streets of the VIII. district with the participation of the local habitants and passers-by.

The interventions by the artists selected through open call will take place between 27th June and 21 July on every odd days.