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Ágnes Grélinger: With open doors to spaces without walls

How can we transform public space, the body of a place, the bodies that move and exist there, our relationship to them?

What is needed to achieve a different kind of attention? 

Ágnes Grélinger after obtaining a Master’s degree in Urban Development at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics studied dance and choreography at The Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen, where her interests turned to researching the relationship between the body, sustainability, healing and empowerment. It is not a coincidence then, that the participative performance With open doors to spaces without walls searches connections between the ‘body of place’ and our own bodies.

The starting point of the piece is that the way how we relate to a space, to our environment, the way how we ‘care’ for it, reflects the way how we treat ourselves.

“As ‘healing’ has become an important theme in my own life at the moment, it is also an important aspect of the project. When you look at bodies, whether at the cellular level, at the level of social groups, or at the level of a city or the planet – these bodies are actually holograms, meaning that the part contains the information about the whole; thus to cleanse the individual elements, the parts means to cleanse the whole. With my performance I will seek to find answers to the question how to bring the broken communication channels into alignment, what are the elements that are stuck in the system, how to bring them to the surface and release them so that new things can emerge in their place. In this process, attention and care are crucial, because, as even such far-flung approaches as quantum physics and the mindfulness-based healing technique BodyTalk suggest, ‘observation makes the ‘, and observation is complemented by the intention to care, which anticipates something new, something different.”    

With open doors to spaces without walls is a performative occupation of space that, with the active involvement of the participants, questions our connection to public space, our unwritten rules, our embodied beliefs and patterns of movement. An excuse to talk about the way we move and are being moved by the context we are in. An intent to imagine ways to be alone-together and question the movement of our social choreography.

Creator: Ágnes Grélinger
Special thanks: 
Luiza Moraes és Trömböczky Napsugár
Petrányi Luca
Kalliopi Siganou
Den Danske Scenekunstskole
Svung Kutatócsoport:

Date: 6pm, 31 May 2023 
Meeting point: at the gate of the park of ELTE Faculty of Humanities, 1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 4.

Free programme, but registration is required.
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